About Us

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As Newport’s most personable and adaptable Estateand Lettings Agents, we are a family who have lived in this City over a 5 decade period. We also have combined 20 years’ experience in the property sector, estate agency and customer relations.

Our commitment to you is to provide an unequalled friendly, reliable and trustworthy service ensuring that all of our clients are valued. We recognise that we are entrusted with your most valuable asset and it is always our priority to undertake our duties professionally as well as managed with excellence. We are flexible as you would expect, with every client being provided a bespoke service to suit every individual client needs.

Our Office is city centre located, in the heart of Newport's exciting new re-developments. Having spent many years observing the changes we are watching with great anticipation as Newport heads towards becoming a transformed “Lifestyle City”.

We can confidently say that we are not like any other Estate Agent. When you engage with us you are immediately involved in the Redlands Experience where you are valued.  It is authentic, and WE are authentic.


Our values are the elements that drive our success, they allow us to do what we do and give you our overriding ethos. Our values give you an insight into our vision, they are the DNA of the company they are our standard.


We know from the people we have worked with that we are regarded with approval and held in high esteem. Our aim is to protect this impression and go the extra mile. We have a prominent reputation to uphold.


Our Offering is like no other. We function with our uniqueness in mind and are careful to make sure we are always heading in a direction that is synonymous with us and our ethos.


We value collaboration and are gregarious. We value our relations and like to build strong contacts with clients and other team members.


We like to hold peoples’ attentions, we are worth thee second look and like to think we can pique someone’s curiosity in an exciting way. Our business patters are knowledgeable and engaging.


We are observant of established systems and methods conducting ourselves in a neat and tidy manner that demonstrates an organised and knowledgeable basis.


We want to have a branch in every city in the UK


We have committed to keeping things green from our office to renovations.


We regularly give to charitable projects such as the homeless, foodbanks and equipping young entrepreneurs.


We see all our clients as valuable and give them the best tailored solution.


We want to create 500 outstanding home solutions for people form all walks of life in 5 years.


In Newport South Wales and then the rest of the UK