Specialist in Management of Houses of Multiple Occupancy

Newport is fast becoming a lifestyle city with a marked growth over the past 5 years of multiple occupancy accommodation  ( HMO) for the profefssional  and contractors. 

HMOs are extremely popluar as they provide security for those on a budget as most include utilties council tax and wifi . 

Not all HMOs are of a great standard and we are finding that only those of an excellent quality and being managed well, are filled consistently -  that is why we aim specifically to work with those landlords who want to provide an excellent standard of accommodation. 

Not all managing agents are the same when it comes to taking care of a HMO . At Redlands Estates we operate and manage several HMOs in the city of varying types and sizes . They are all of a very high standard  and consequently we are able to aquire a better standard of tenant. We are able to go out at short notice for viewings and will also carry out evening( late ) vewings 2 nights per week. 

We have an excellent maintennace team should any issues arise and we pride ourselves on our inspections being kept up to date virtually eliminating many issues associated with HMOS. 

We have an excellent relationship with the HMO licencing department  and keep up to date with any changes in legislation that occurs .

Our most successful HMOs have become just that out of strong relationships with our landlords based on dedication loyalty and trust so we will want to get you know you and what your HMO model is . 

We would love to meet you and have a chat about your needs . Call us or fill in the Contact Us form on this page and we will be in touch straight away .