Quick Cash Sales

Need to sell your Property Quickly ? 

The average time to sell your property according to  www.gov.uk is around 2 to 3 months but of course can be much longer depending on what issues may come up during the conveyancing period. 

At Redlands Estates we understand that there might be pressing reasons that you may need to sell your home or any residential property for that matter and so we are able to provide a fast track sale which would provide you with a cash offer and a completeion from 7 -28 days with NO ESTATE AGENTS OR SOLICITORS FEES . * **

Reasons You May Need to Sell your Property

To Avoid Repossession or Mounting Debts

If you are finding your mortgage payments difficult or have increasing debts you may want to sell your property this way to eliminate repossession of your house . The property can be sold quickly to bring relief and pay outstanding debts.  


Divorce or Separation

Its difficult enough dealing with divorce or sepration as well as selling the home you have shared . Make the process easier if you are both in agreement with at least one of these pressing issues taken care of quickly.

Landlord Wishing to Offload Existimg Invesment Property

Are you a landlord that has had enough and ready to offload your single house or portfolio to market ? We are able to make you a cash offer whether the property is tenanted or not or even partially tenanted such as a HMO . Let us help you to cash in on your investment. 

Selling an Inherited Property

You may have recently inherited a property due to the passing of a loved one and wish to sell quickly . Carrying our viewings etc may be the last thing you will want to do so let us help you with a quick sale to ease the process. Remember there are no ESTATE AGENTS FEES OR SOLICTORS COSTS . 


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*Third Party Cash Offer 

**Offer Under Market Value